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Mind Rehab
Mind Rehab is a discussion group that focuses on the process of removing negative, self defeating thoughts, actions, and emotions, and replacing them with thoughts, actions, and emotions that are positive and "true"

It's a community of people that encourages all people to use their gifts, talents, and abilities to realize their unlimited potential.

Topics are about life application of universal principles that will result in making goals and dreams a reality. 

A fellowship that is passionate about sparking a movement to raise the level of consciousness of this generation around the world.  

Mind Rehab Tip: "Repair foundation cracks in your thinking and beliefs before rebuilding in other areas of your life." 

Check Out The Mind Rehab Podcasts Below:

"Starting from Scratch"
"The Christian and Beyond"
"The Big 3"
"The Other Side of the Door"
There are 3 major areas in our lives that we must improve in order to live free, happy, and successful lives. Let's find out what they are and how we can fix it...
We must go beyond being merely members of a group, and our individual titles to reflect God's image and likeness in the earth.

Check out the "Starting From Scratch" podcast from Thursday night's Mind Rehab. A message about getting back to the framework of what's really important in our lives.
A door is a means of obtaining or approaching something. We must discover which side of the door we are on, and what we are attempting to obtain and discover.

"Seed Watchers"
A discussion about the time period between having a dream, and seeing the dream become a reality.

"Me And My Ego"
Do you have an ego? How big is your ego? What really is an ego anyway?

The ego is the part of us that thinks, acts, and feels that we are separated from God.

The ego can become a major problem in our lives if it goes unchecked. In this discussion, we will talk about how to check our ego, and possibly even get rid of our egos, in order to live more successful lives.