Mind Rehab is the process of removing negative, self-defeating, thoughts, actions, and emotions and replacing them with thoughts, actions, and emotions that are positive and true.


  • Determine what's not working anymore

  • Determine what's never worked for you

  • Identify what are your negative thoughts, actions, and feelings right now

  • Identify what you have never done or even tried to do

  • Establish a vision of what you REALLY want

  • Have the blueprint to rehab your mind


  • Remove the negative, self defeating thoughts, actions, and emotions that have been holding you back

  • Learn what's your false self and how to not be fooled by it

  • Discover what your negative thoughts, actions, and emotions came from and get rid of the source


  • Learn how to fix the "cracks" in your mental foundation

  • Discover the real "YOU"

  • Discover YOUR genius; your unique gifts, talents, and abilities

  • Rediscover what you love and are passionate about.

  • Find your purpose


  • Learn how to meditate

  • Learn how to take calculated risks

  • Learn how to make decisions and add new things to your life based on your gifts, passions, and purpose


  • How to maintain your rehabbed mind

  • Learn the power of community and relationships

  • Discover how to fulfill your unique place in the world

  • The Mind Rehab coaching course includes: (web conference/phone)

  • Six One - Hour Weekly Coaching Sessions

  • Free Mind Rehab T-Shirt

  • Mind Rehab Community Access

  • Weekly Emails

  • Rehabber "Tool Box"

Mind Rehab Coaching






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