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Jameen Willis

Author and Coach

Welcome to my personal coaching site and online community!  It is my intent that through this site you can change the way you think, discover what you are good at, and enjoy a life of purpose.

Stop buying the opinions of others.

It will leave you "mentally broke."




Jameen Willis, Creative Director of Willis House Publishing also known as “the Mind Rehabber".


Jameen is a visionary and gifted creative in personal development and business ideation.  His creative ability to teach, motivate, and inspire others makes him a highly sought after writer, coach, and consultant.


He is a “Recovering Realtor”, having been a licensed real estate agent in Ohio and Nevada for 20 years.  During the housing crisis of 2008, he created the Mind Rehab process (think HGTV renovation for your mind).


After helping hundreds of clients accomplish the goal of home ownership, investing in real estate, and managing projects, Jameen, along with his wife Nicci, started Willis House Publishing in 2019.


Through coaching, consulting, and various books and publications, he is committed to helping people change the way they think, discover what they are good at, and enjoy a life of purpose.


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Excerpt from the upcoming book, Mind Rehab:

Instead of being in a place where I could rehab houses that most people considered “dumps”, I was in the “dumps”.


Instead of rehabbing houses, I was in a place where I needed to rehab my mind!  I found some “cracks” in my “foundation” that needed to be repaired. Just like a house has things that become old, outdated, and don’t work anymore;  what I was doing and how I was doing it wasn’t working anymore.


And that is exactly what I did.  I used the renovation process and developed a process to rehab my mind.  This process is what allowed me to discover who I AM, and who I’m not.


It probably saved my life. It most definitely changed my life.  It is my intent to share this process with you reading this book, in hopes that you can use it to rehab your mind too.


It is being proven to change the way that I, and many others think, make decisions, and feel.  It is allowing people to discover their purpose, passions, and what they are gifted at.  


Who knew, that while I had plans to rehab houses that I would discover and develop a plan to help rehab minds.


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