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"Adjust Your Crown"

A crown is a sign of authority, power, and dominance. It can also be viewed as a reward for righteousness, strength, and bravery.

For the last 10 years or so, I have made it a point to remind myself that I am a king and to display my "crown" with my thoughts, actions, and emotions. I don't know about you, but every now and then my crown gets a little "crooked".

As I was remembering all the things I went through over the past year, I would describe 2021 as the year of the "crooked crown". I know i'm a king with power, authority, and creativity, but as I have been walking in the kingdoms of business, family, and spirituality somehow, I let my crown get crooked.

A crooked crown looks like less confidence, worry, and doubt. Debt can get your crown crooked if you let it. Losing a loved one or having a strained relationship can make the best crown heavy to wear. Hearing no over and over combined with losing something of value or significance, whether it be a game, job, or business can bump that crown.

This year, I'm making a declaration and calling it the year of "adjusting my crown". I invite you to join me. For me, "adjusting my crown" is reminding myself who I am. Adjusting my crown looks like walking and talking with confidence. Time to adjust my crown with decisive decisions and facing my fears. My rightful position of authority, power, and dominance in business, spirituality, and life awaits me.

What does adjusting your crown look like for you? Your rightful position in life awaits you.

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