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The Ego, The Grinch, and The Little Girl who stood up to fear.

Image by ErikaWittlieb from Pixabay

So I have a confession. Up until last week, I had never watched the popular holiday movie, The Grinch. Sure, it comes on TV every year and I'm pretty sure it has been on at my house plenty of those years.

But, I have never sat down and watched the whole thing. I probably put it on for the kids and started doing... something else. Anyways, don't judge me... moving on.

As I was watching the movie, I got to the part where the little girl, Cindy Lou Who went to The Grinch's place to invite him to the town's holiday event. She had the courage to go to his house when everyone else was afraid to go.

When she arrived, even The Grinch was shocked at her boldness as she approached "The Grinch's lair". He tried everything to scare her away! From scary words, to scary faces, to down right threats! But the threads were all idle; and the "scary Mr. Grinch persona" didn't work.

Cindy Lou Who had a plan and was on a mission. She didn't have time to be side tracked by fear and an ego.

Then I got to thinking, that's exactly what we have to do in the process of rehabbing our minds.

You see, we all have an ego, that's the false self. The ego will try to scare you away with scary words, scary actions, and the persona of fear.

But just like Cindy Lou Who, we have to push past the false self and the fear, to follow the plan and complete the mission.

So what's your plan? What are you on a mission to do? I encourage you to push past your "false self aka inner Grinch" and complete the mission!

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