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How To Accept Challenges Like The Black Panther

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

The Black Panther
The Black Panther

There is a saying that says, "everybody likes a challenge".  A challenge can be in anything from a sports competition to chasing the girl or guy of your dreams.  It makes things more interesting and the victory even sweeter.  To know that you accomplished something in spite of competition and adversity is one of the greatest feelings.

One of my favorite challenges is in the movie, The Black Panther.  It's the scene where the current King and Black Panther, T'Challa defends his throne and position in the country.  The leaders of all the tribes have the opportunity to challenge him in a duel with the reward of the throne.

All the tribes sound off declaring, "we will not challenge today".  Things seem to be going well and running smoothly.  The King's sister even throws in a little humor suggesting that they move the process along because nobody is challenging today.

But just when it seems like the coast is clear and everything is done,  M'Baku the leader of the Jabari tribe comes out of nowhere to challenge.  Nobody expected him to even show up let alone, challenge!  He declares the popular line, "it's Challenge Day".  He points out King T'Challa's flaws, mistakes he has made, and questions his ability to be King.

Despite the timing and the source of this unexpected challenge, King T'Challa declares, "I Accept Your Challenge".  He goes on to defeat M'Baku in the duel and retains the throne.

"I accept your challenge".  Those words stuck with me and I was reminded of this scene as I am facing my own "challenge day" period in my life.  Just as The Black Panther accepted the challenge despite the timing and what or who the challenge was coming from, we too have to accept the "Challenge Days" in our lives.

So for me, "it's challenge day".  I accept the challenge of facing my fears,  I accept the challenge of fulfilling my calling and purpose for my life.

I encourage you to declare to your fears and fulfilling your purpose, "I accept your challenge".  It's challenge day!

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